Startup Communications Associate at Citizen


Startup Communications Associate

Contract in New York, NY - Entry Level

Startup Communications Associate

We are looking for entry-level Communications Associates to join a fast-growing startup.

We are a tech startup based in Downtown Manhattan, backed by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital. Our mission is to keep people safe and informed. The Citizen app for iOS and Android provides instant alerts about incidents and events happening around you and creates total transparency with live video and real-time updates.

This is an hourly position with significant growth opportunities for candidates who become core contributors. Please note that we run a 24/7 operation, and most individuals joining our team will start with a weekend or overnight schedule – we need people who have schedule flexibility.

Who You Are

We will train you to monitor various real-time data sources to turn raw information into public safety alerts and real-time narrative. You might be a good fit if any or most of the following apply to you:

  • You have studied journalism, writing, or a similar field

  • You have ever listened to police radio or a scanner app

  • You have knowledge of emergency broadcast codes ("10-Codes", e.g.) used by first responders

  • You love studying maps or have experience with GIS

  • You have written news stories or blog posts about current events

What We’re Looking For

We need someone quick on their feet, tech-savvy, and able to produce high-quality work. We expect applicants to:

  • Be excited to join a growing startup with a fast-paced culture

  • Be familiar with smartphones, computers, and modern consumer technologies

  • Be able to communicate accurately, quickly, and efficiently via text-based chat systems

  • Be able to type at least 70 words per minute with good form

  • Be good on-the-fly researchers and fact-checkers

  • Be flawless English speakers and use proper grammar and punctuation 100% of the time

  • Be able to understand spoken English in all dialects

  • Be available to work nights and/or weekends – we run a 24/7/365 newsroom

What You’ll Do

This role involves work in fast-moving and sometimes high-stress environments. As an applicant, you should be able to:

  • Grow and take on new tasks: You're eager to learn new skills and work outside of your established comfort zone. Your intellectual curiosity drives and motivates you.

  • Work with a team: You'll bring a positive attitude and collaborate effectively with a diverse, talented group of writers and researchers.

  • Stay focused and present: You can stay alert at all times, producing high-quality work during the time you’re on shift.

  • Exercise good judgment: You'll need to quickly make decisions and determine the gravity of unfolding incidents, discerning when to notify and involve your managers.

  • Be trustworthy: You will need to maintain confidential information and not divulge sensitive information at any time.

Benefits & Perks

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can do exciting, meaningful work, and we make sure you have what you need to get the job done. We provide free food in the office while you work. If you pass the paid training and evaluation period (normally 4-8 weeks), you'll have the opportunity to join the company as a full-time employee and receive healthcare and other benefits.

To Apply

This role involves both creativity and a high ability to execute efficiently. If you're interested in being considered, please complete a 1-minute typing test at to help us make sure you've got some of the foundational technical skills we're looking for.

Please include your your résumé, and in your cover letter, include:

  1. a link to your typing test results (it should look like this:

  2. an introduction – tell us why you're interested

  3. a link to any writing samples or other narrative-based work you've done in the past (if applicable)