Freelance Smartphone Reporter at Citizen


Freelance Smartphone Reporter

Part-Time in New York, NY

Are you interested in joining a new kind of street team in New York City with a growing technology startup? If yes, then check us out:

Job Category: Part-time, Contract position based

Publication Type: Safety and awareness app

Publication Name: Citizen

Location: New York, NY

Pay: Per Story

What We’re Seeking

We need people who are quick on their feet and able to produce high quality work on the fly. Most importantly, we’re looking for reporters who have a good feel for shooting video from a mobile phone, feel comfortable talking to anyone, and have a sense of adventure. Perhaps you have previous experience as a filmmaker, street photographer, or just a knack for community safety.

Your primary task will be to witness and live stream incidents such as crimes, fires, and other emergency events going on in the city, all from your mobile phone. Our goal is to make the five boroughs a safer place with each and every broadcast, while always staying safe, and using common sense.

Skills and Traits

As a street team member, you will be:

  • Camera-savvy: You’re quick with smartphones and fluent in video streaming. You understand good framing and how to keep your camera stable while filming. You will have the ability of presenting yourself on camera if you want.

  • Alert and Aware: You’re able to multitask and listen to what’s going on around you while you’re filming, adapting quickly to new information and updating viewers in real time. You can stay present in your role at all times, sometimes staying alert over several hours, during which time you may jump between several incident scenes.

  • A Strong Communicator: You’re a fluent English speaker and will feel comfortable conversing with bystanders and officials involved in emergency situations, asking questions to find out more information. You will also regularly communicate with our dispatch team who will be monitoring sources of data to give you live updates on the situation.

  • Mobile: You will assign yourself shifts, to which you will have an undefined radius. While on the clock, you must feel comfortable traveling by foot, bike (Citibike or personal), skateboard to take you quickly (and safely) from incident to incident. For major incidents, you may need to take a cab (even Uber or Lyft), or use mass transit to get uptown or downtown quickly.

  • Trustworthy and Reliable: You show up on time. You exercise good judgment regarding the gravity of unfolding incidents and discern when to notify and involve others on your team.

  • Adaptable: You relish the challenge of being thrown into new and exciting situations where you will learn new skills and concepts. You will maintain a calm demeanor when asked to make quick decisions in intense situations.


You don’t need to be a professional filmmaker to join our team but any sort of videography or journalism experience – especially in broadcast journalism – is a plus. If you’re interested in helping keep our city safe and feel that you have the skills required, please apply and introduce yourself! Please type the word COLLABORATION in all-caps at the top of your cover letter when you apply.